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A Whole New World...of Style

When my girlfriend asks me what I’m planning on wearing to the party, my response 10 times out of 10 is – “Whatever you want me to. I haven’t spent nearly as much time thinking about this as she has, and frankly, I don’t plan to.

Picking clothes out has always caused me more stress than I thought it was worth. Do these colors fit together? Is this what the cool kids are wearing these days? Is this outfit going to get the response I want from the people around me?

In my opinion, these questions are mundane and a drag on my time. I’m definitely no fashionista – in fact, I much prefer being told what to wear.

However, I’d rather not be told by my girlfriend.

Using and working on Threadest has changed the way I think about fashion, clothing, and myself, really. When my girlfriend drags me to Zara, I immediately pop open my Threadest app, where I’m greeted by a personalized notification. I can slide to see photos, videos, and deals on exclusive pieces that are floating around nearby me. I chuckle to myself as she sorts through heaps of clothes, trying desperately to find something that I will approve of.

Using just the camera on my phone with Threadest, I can view, interact, and buy the pieces based on my personal style. The notification I previously received was a recommendation based on my preferences, and the more I use the app, the smarter this recommendation engine gets.

My girlfriend rolls her eyes – “You’re never going to buy anything, are you?”

She doesn’t know this, but I’ve actually purchased a nice shirt and a fresh pair of socks and shared the pieces with my buddies – meaning if they view and purchase my recommendation, I’ll even earn a discount.

Do I now have an outfit to look cool at the party? Check.

Have I shared something awesome and got rewarded to do it? Check.

Do I get to continue to annoy my girlfriend (but then pleasantly surprise her)? Big Check.

Augmented Reality is a global phenomenon, creating even stronger connections between the real and digital worlds. As we continue to spend more time on our smart devices, we also expect information to be delivered where we want it, when we want it. Whether it means making games more immersive, making information-heavy jobs more efficient, or adding interactive experiences to every-day tasks, AR is here to say.

This shift in how people interact with technology got the Threadest team thinking about how retailers are re-thinking their consumer experience, particularly for millennial customers who are hyper-focused on experiences over things. These macro trends, coupled with my disdain for the traditional shopping experience and desire to appease my girlfriend, was the genesis of the Threadest AR platform.

Through our new AR platform, a boutique, designer, or brand can geo-tag their stores or pop-up shop locations, pick any products or content, and seamlessly deliver an engaging experience for customers on their smartphones. Whether your customer is shopping at home, or out and about on Fifth Avenue, Threadest’s AR platform offers a new social, engaging, and personalized experience. For the brands on our platform, this means visibility to the content that defines your brand – and ultimately, loyal customers that translate to sales.

We are inviting innovative retailers and designers to join the AR movement. With a simple and automated platform, Threadest's AR & Location Platform is the easiest way to create experiences tied to a shopper's location.

Find, buy and experience the best in fashion on Threadest today!

Feel free to drop me a line on LinkedIn, check out a video (or two, or even three) on the app in action, or reach our whole Partner Success team at brands@threadest.com for answers to any questions and assistance in getting started.

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Threadest is the Experiential Shopping Company. Shoppers use Threadest to unlock exclusives and deals based on their location and preferences. Brands can create new experiences seamlessly with AR. https://www.threadest.com

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