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F is For Fair

altPhoto credit: www.drillking.org

Back in February Fendi announced "F is for Fendi", a colorful digital platform filled with dope photos, a few stories, and alternative music. At least alternative to what most millennials listen to. With their target being millennials they are trying to incorporate everything they, and in this case I, love to do.

They definitely get an A for effort and after their fun NYFW release with Migos, Lil Uzi, MetroBoomin, 21 Savage and more in Fendi's new gear. The building was filled with influencers like myself and media. Metro started things with a boom, playing all his hits. Migos stole the show and 21 savage was excited to see how many folk knew his lyrics. The experience was great but besides having to write this I don't see much need to return to the "F is for Fendi site". But still Fendi could have done this without their F is for Fendi platform. There is too much going on and seems like they have been overwhelming themselves trying to make a perfect millenial platform.

They could have just saved some money with a tumblr. Its cool to look at but nothing to really buy or buy into. The Perhaps their plans are bigger than we think? Only time will tell what they do with this glorified tumblr page.