A Whole New World...of Style

When my girlfriend asks me what I’m planning on wearing to the party, my response 10 times out of 10 is – “Whatever you want me to. I haven’t spent nearly as much time thinking about this as she has, and frankly, I don’t plan to. Picking clothes out has always caused me… Read More

History of Mayweather and "The Money Team Brand"

Before “Money Mayweather” was demanding $250 million per fight he was an ostensibly regular kid from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Though 'regular' could be a bit of an understatement when describing the 5’8” 151-pound boxing legend who grew up surrounded by extreme poverty within his socio-economically and medically disadvantaged Grand Rapids, Michigan neighborhood. Mom, a… Read More

History of The Loafer

Built for the English countryside, reinvented by rugged Norwegian pragmatism, scaled through American consumerism and dressed up in the high fashion houses of Italy. The loafer, the mainstay of a boating lifestyle to the highest ranks of the business world is a true mosaic of Western culture. Whether paired with casual jeans, khaki shorts or… Read More

Ape Shall Never Kill Ape!

Spoiler alert, this is not a review of the latest installment of the Planet of The Apes saga. I know...sigh Instead, this is about an iconic brand that began "Nowhere" and is now ubiquitous in our culture, making it, and the zeitgeist its innovations inspire, hard to miss! It's about a brand that specializes… Read More

History of The Air Jordan 8

We were all blessed with The Air Jordan 8s when they made their debut in February 1993 while MJ was playing for the Bulls—chasing his third consecutive NBA title--and the majority of us were learning how to look both ways before we crossed the street. During the release, we were introduced to the “Bull’… Read More

F is For Fair

Photo credit: www.drillking.org Back in February Fendi announced "F is for Fendi", a colorful digital platform filled with dope photos, a few stories, and alternative music. At least alternative to what most millennials listen to. With their target being millennials they are trying to incorporate everything they, and in this case I, love… Read More

Nautica & Lil Yachty, A Perfect Match

In January, Lil Yachty joined the global lifestyle clothing brand Nautica as its creative director. The 19-year-old Atlanta rapper became the face of the label's collaboration with Urban Outfitters in November, and he made his creative debut during Nautica's New York Fashion Week men's presentation, according to Billboard. Nearly two months later, the hip hop… Read More